Barriers to and opportunities for gender equality in primary education

Another setback was the decision of the Federal Supreme Court STF last September, which determined the constitutionality of religious teaching in schools, contributing to censorship in addressing issues related to gender and sexuality in schools.

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Plan engages boys in solutions to achieve gender equality to help change social norms in entire communities. Challenging gender roles — Raising awareness at family and community levels will promote positive attitudes towards education for girls. UNICEF states that Gender equality means that women and men, and girls and boys, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities and protections.

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About 10 percent of African girls miss about 20 percent of their school days due to menstruation. Social and cultural factors.

This right is recognized as a condition for growth and development and global organizations promote gender equality in their work. When a poor family weighs these needs against the seemingly slight opportunity of a paying job when a daughter is educated, keeping her at home is a more likely outcome than sending her to school.

The lack of such debate and problematization in schools leads to the persistence and reproduction of macho and discriminatory thoughts, which sadly also accompany boys and men in their education and in society. There is also a lack of representativeness, recognition and appreciation of girls and women in school plans, content and practices.

It turned out that a life without the ability to read, write or do math was not an immutable condition for millions of girls and women, as it had been a decade and a half ago.

Attitudes and cultural practices, such as traditional beliefs, gender stereotyping, lack of knowledge on benefits of education, gender-differentiated child-rearing practices Early marriage, low status of women, and intractable patriarchal societies often result in lower priority on education of girls.

Beyond the educational field, there are other strong injustices against women: their reduced political representation and unequal salaries they receive, their almost exclusive responsibility for domestic work and the care of people, the criminalization of abortion and violence, once the rates of feminicide in the region remain alarming.

From this perspective, teachers and students can recognize and value differences and similarities between genders, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices, an important work to be done since childhood education, not only in adolescence, since integral sexual education also has the role of preventing and combating cases of violence against children, starting from the space of dialogue and the relationship of trust that creates between student and teacher.

For these specialists, a comprehensive sex education is not just about reproduction, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancy, or the changing bodies of students during puberty.

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Five Barriers That Keep Girls Out of School