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He wanted to meet her, so he introduced himself and asked her if he could speak to her.

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They continued to see each other every day because they had such a wonderful time together. Was it a forbidden love that brought ruin? With six frames, you can teach your students how to structure their story with a beginning, middle and end, something that may not come naturally to them. These first steps are often difficult as students struggle to combine simple sentences into more complex structures. Students should match the two sentences that logically go together. Words that the students seek out themselves and use in their writing are much more likely to stick in their memory. Who comes up with the idea really does not matter; what matters is what the writer does with it. This represents the exposition of setting and character. Writing A Short Story Quickly answer the questions below and then use the information to write your short story.

It is always best for main characters to solve their own problems rather than having someone else solve the problems for them, so have your students think about how their character could solve his or her conflict on his own. Read the example story to the class as a listening exercise which also sets the tone for the follow-up exercise.

Esl story writing lesson

Popular Articles:. Reassure your students that they can use many more adjectives than those that appear on your brainstormed lists, but those lists are a good place to start if they are stuck for ideas. Now your students can see the shape of a short story. I'm hungry. She wants to speak Spanish. To make the setting as tangible as possible, have your students write sensory descriptions of where their story will take place. It has a photo of a hamburger set and the 6 Cubing questions. If your student is struggling to find an ending to their story, have them go back to the beginning of their story. As a follow-up listening exercise which can be a lot of fun, have students read their stories aloud to the class. Words come with example sentences and definitions. Do a little research. Students should match the two sentences that logically go together. They decided to continue their discussion that evening so they made a date to have dinner in a wonderful restaurant.

Your students should come to the end of the exercise with six pictures that tell their stories from beginning to end.

Have students write a similar story using the guided writing prompts provided on their worksheet. Depending on the language level and age of your students, you may ask for one sentence that describes each picture or one paragraph for each frame.

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Describe it with words about the senses. Now the challenge becomes how to resolve or solve that conflict. That information helps students add depth and detail to their writing.

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Check the students understanding of the differences between 'so' and 'because'. Was it a forbidden love that brought ruin? Often these tales are morally instructive parables passed from generation to generation encompassing the morality of a people. For example, this sentence from T. Step 3 Show students the model answer on the next page of the resource page. Who uses it? Step 4 Show students a different picture two photos are in the lesson resource pdf file. Click here to open the lesson resource pdf file with the information you need for steps 2, 3 and 4. This represents the exposition of setting and character. Explain your decision with reasons. Students will be able to add them to their own vocabulary lists, and even see how the words are used in other videos. What makes it unique? Character The next ingredient to consider is that of the people in the story.
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