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For instance, the chain could consider labelling the food it serves with stickers on packaging that reassure consumers that the animals used haven't been factory farmed and are free of antibiotics. Or is it a cynical attempt to turn consumer fears about certain agricultural methods into sales?

Or it could use its social media presence to make mistrustful consumers more aware of their commitment to GMO-free food and practices that are sustainable and ethical.

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The company promises that if a shortage occurs in the supply of naturally raised animals, it will notify patrons when it has to use conventionally grown meat. And Caitlin Leibert, Chipotle's sustainability consultant, via email described recent efforts to adopt energy management software and more.

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Your thoughts? The video embedded below features a forlorn and endearing scarecrow disheartened by factory farming evils, such as livestock housed in high density-confinement and pumped full of antibiotics.

Sustainability as a USP would be useless if a brand couldn't back it up, but Chipotle can and the advert hopes to build on the reputation that it's built up over the past few years.

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By September 19, it had been viewed 5. The fast food chain offered players an incentive to play with food rewards. Critics have been quick to accuse Chipotle of misleading consumers about how it goes about its business. Or is it a cynical attempt to turn consumer fears about certain agricultural methods into sales? These criticisms at first hit me as kind of picky. Writing in Salon, David Sirota criticized the film for using vegetarian imagery to sell meat; the Scarecrow, on his farm, harvests sun-dappled peppers and corn, but the only animals we see are suffering in confinement at Crow Foods. Arnold told me Chipotle audits its meat suppliers on a regular basis, and relies on distributors like Niman and Meyer to maintain standards in their own networks. So, just as it appears to be one of the more transparent fast food chains, could Chipotle's Scarecrow campaign be a cornerstone for the future of sustainable advertising? Top image of the Scarecrow character via Chipotle Topics:. The Scarecrow uses only ingredients that conform to his values, but when Chipotle runs out of sustainable beef, a decidedly less happy cow could end up marinated and grilled and nestled beside our cilantro-lime rice. Blimpie added the Blimpie Run game as part of its brand overhaul, which also included a robust mobile marketing strategy, new store design including booth seating and brighter colors , and a revamped menu, all done in an effort to appeal more to Millennials. Results The Scarecrow became the number one adventure game in the iTunes store.

As a consumer and Chipotle customer, I give it props for doing so. Even if Chipotle's advert has received some degree of criticism, then at least it has achieved its purpose of initiating a conversation on the messages of sustainability that lie behind it.

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