How social organisation and relationships may affect the learning process for group dynamics

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. If the children see the adults within the class react well and interact with other children, they will get a better response from them. Assessment and feedback are important tools to inform future planning and help children move forward in their learning.

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All factors have to be considered to be able to assess at that time. As we are already aware children develop in different ways. Explain how social organisations and relationships affect the learning process.

How social organisation and relationships may affect the learning process for group dynamics

When assessing children and small groups you would use formative assessment to focus on measuring progress so far in the curriculum. I use this and change it around a bit. I try to get to know each child within my groups as quickly as poss ible so I can support them to the best of my ability and treat every child as an individual. Always encourage children to do their best. In conclusion, recognition of problems which arise need to be addressed as soon as possible to give the children the best possible chance of success in all aspects of their learning. The children are also encouraged to join after school clubs, e. Literacy improvement plans With literacy i am new to sounds and pronouncing them the correct way i have already photocopied all of the formations and the actions used in order to sound these right but to reinforce this and gain knowledge of the terminology used the teacher has said about a letters and sounds book which is the principles and practise of high quality phonics. Within schools the children are grouped in several ways, eg in ability groups, i n nurture groups, SEN groups and in EAL groups. All factors have to be considered to be able to assess at that time. There needs to consistency throughout to ascertain a fair chance to all pupils and the levelling within the year group. The learning activity maybe too challenging or to easy for the group you are working with, feeding back to your teacher from the previous lesson will help to inform future planning and avoid this happening. Words: , Paragraphs: 10, Pages: 6 Publication date: October 07, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! It is important that the resources are planned and are available before the lesson otherwise you may find there are not enough resources or you do not have the correct resources and this will have a detrimental effect on the learning as this will cause unnecessary disruption and delay to the lesson; the resources also need to be age appropriate and up to date.

Every child's development is assessed through out their academic life. Assignment 4 Task 1: describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. Some children would feel a great sense of achievement knowing they have he lped another child. You could deal with this by giving them lots of encouragement and praise for trying and making sure they understand what is asked of them.

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Supporting Learning Activities and Assessment for Learning