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You can grab the brass ring of growth by going global, but only if you avoid the pitfalls.

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This sheet is subject to change and depends on the market. Guessing currency exchange rates is a major field of study and investment, every bit as much as guessing the future of interest rates.

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So I worried. This article with an international business plan example will give you insight to writing an international business plan based on the criteria of a simple business plan. Tap government and private sources of financing-and figure out ways to make sure you are getting paid. Move your goods to their international market, making sure you package and label them in accordance with regulations in the market you are selling to. If they provide the interpreter, warns Klinkenberg, "the interpreter is going to have the other person's [interests] at heart, not yours. Get a referral to a company that has dealt with this supplier before, and call to check them out. Finally, by entering the global marketplace, you'll learn how to compete against foreign companies-and even take the battle to them on their own ground. Seeking international growth by going global as an importer-exporter offers opportunity aplenty.

Changes in currency can mean changes in your costs and expenses, your sales, and even the value of your assets and liabilities. The American market for almost everything is huge, but it's not large enough for many entrepreneurs.

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Don't impose time limits. A good plan is essentially a good plan, or not, depending on a lot of factors besides tax treatments and accounting practices.

To get Ex-Im Bank help, your product or service must have at least 50 percent U. Figure 1: The sales forecast consists of projections for unit sales, dollar revenues per unit sold, total dollar sales, dollar costs per unit sold, and total dollar costs of sales.

But what if your aspirations prompt you to debut your concept in a foreign land instead?

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Based on obtained information a company checks feasibility of continuing international business planning and makes first go-or-not-to-go decision. You can sometimes be involved in multiple currencies, three or four in a single transaction. You can grab the brass ring of growth by going global, but only if you avoid the pitfalls. When doing business in multiple countries, you also have to deal with multiple markets and market trends. A rainy day in Rio I looked out the window of a parked plane, at a dark, drizzly airport in Rio de Janeiro. It also offers U. Says Klinkenberg, "Keep [the meeting] as open as possible because it adds strength to your negotiating position.

The effective implementation of your marketing strategy is dependent on facts and accurate forecasting data. The wording of your business plan must be specific to the country of entrance to avoid confusion and delay in investor participation.

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Section 3: Market entry methods. Understanding Another Culture One big difference between doing business domestically and internationally is culture. If you are selling in Europe, you need to know about your European customers. The Ex-Im Bank guarantees working capital loans for U. For example, you can buy computer circuit boards made in three countries and other hardware made in a fourth and a fifth, and then manufacture computers somewhere else and sell them in more than one country. The dollar cost is exactly 25 divided by 3. But entering the international arena can protect you against the risk of decline in domestic markets and, most important, significantly improve your overall growth potential. Take special care to check the quality of the products-the United States is a sophisticated marketplace, and shoddy products that might succeed elsewhere will be shunned here. Importing doesn't have to be limited to goods, either. Consult all manners of professionals who are well versed in international business, finance and law to avoid losses. Guess right, and you make money. The peso rate below indicates that it takes 3 pesos to make up a dollar. A resume is usually a supporting document. For example, suppose you are importing handicrafts from Mexico. You can choose from a variety of means for distributing your product, from opening company-owned foreign subsidiaries to working with agents, representatives and distributors and setting up joint ventures.

The purpose of the international business plan is to prepare companies, specially middle and small, to enter the international market place or to better organize their existing international business activity.

As you explain each product or service your company offers customers you will need to give a brief description; how you plan on selling or distribution it; packaging needs, if applicable and branding; your sales and advertising strategy; and any media communications you will perform.

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