John rawls social contract theory essay

The State of Nature therefore, is not the same as the state of war, as it is according to Hobbes. Hobbes: Entering the Social Contract Both Locke and Hobbes supported the idea of the social contract, yet they had vastly different theories and methods regarding how this social contract is established and what it should consist of.

TJ, p. People have rights as human beings, but there is a delineation of those rights because of what is possible for everyone to accept morally; everyone has to accept that each person as an individual is entitled to try to preserve himself.

At the heart of the Kantian Congruence Argument is Rawls's claim that the desire to express our nature differs from the other three "inclinations of the self" appealed to in the second argument.

Explain how the social contract theory was used to justify the American Revolution.

John rawls social contract theory essay

Their hands are forced. The Social Contract Theory is the basis for the Declaration of Independence and the guiding theories for the Unite States Government as well as many other governments, such as the European Union, England and France, to name a few. And the objections offered to "the entire Rawlsian framework" by philosophers like Raz and Finnis are so fundamental that it might have been impossible for Freeman to have developed the sort of nuanced replies he offers to objections which start closer to home. It is for these reasons that Rawls difference principle actually has little to do with fairness. Second, the simplified argument does not support the conclusion that it is rational to make justice "supremely regulative of all our pursuits" JSC, p. If my thesis is correct, then it has important consequences. Knox Oxford: , p. Accordingly, the organization of this exploration concentrates on three areas of focus. Indeed, it is quite possible that this alternative international social contract will require the wholesale reconceptualization of the state and the corresponding consideration of alternative modes of social organization. Social contract theory, in general, only goes so far as to delineate our rights and obligations. Second, apparently unlike Freeman, I take the second congruence argument to be the most important one, and I think that in that argument, Rawls tacitly appeals to the Kantian Practical Identity as well as to the identities which depend on a , b and c. Whereas for Rousseau, Kant, and Rawls, the parties to the international social contract would be states or peoples, for Nussbaum, Pogge, and Beitz, social contract theory makes the most sense at the international level when the parties to the social contract are imagined to be individual human beings.

The claim that reason is a source of authority, then, must be distinguished from the notion that we have reason to believe it justified. Since everyone adopts the same method for choosing the basic principles for society, everyone will occupy the same standpoint: that of the disembodied, rational, universal human.

The second is his normative, or idealized theory of the social contract, and is meant to provide the means by which to alleviate the problems that modern society has created for us, as laid out in the Social Contract.

The social contract is a political theory that involves a tacit agreement between members of society group that allows them to collaborate and promote mutual benefits, as well explains the legitimacy and authority of government.

The value lies, of course, in what the reader learns by working through it. On the other hand, In the U. Knowing how Rawls might have addressed objections, and knowing what he might have said about the positions of others, are very valuable.

While some may argue that the government is following the guidelines of a social contract, many aspects of the government have outgrown their britches and taken over.

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The Social Contract Theory in a Global Context