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Because the importance of commitment was very high, Shackleton would personally interview each member he chose for a mutual agreement on the objective of the journey.

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Despite the various dimension and approaches in which leadership has been conceptualized there are main contents which are repetitive. Based on the three key elements of the situation, since he was able to develop such mutually agreement among the group and himself.

Andrew Little, group managing director for the Melbourne unit of DDB, the advertising firm, has been strongly influenced by Shackleton in his own work with his team. Shackleton, with a small team consistent of Wild, Marshall, and Adams tried to reach the South Pole, but stopped their efforts only km away from the South Pole.

His family moved to London when he was 10 years old.

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The selection process picked out crew members with a positive attitude. This significantly proved to be the decisive factor as the Endurance got stranded on ice when it really shined. Due to that those two became a kind of rivalries. Much had changes since Shackleton became a living legend, but the principal and theory, as well as practical principle still remained the same. The business world that we live in today has much to apply. Put under the circumstances of such hardship and craziness, one could possibly go insane from fear, hunger, and desperation. Thereby only companies which are organized and structured very flexible, and are able to adapt themselves on new situations are successful. Shackleton made a decision and stuck to it. Since the group was striked with an unexpected turn of event, it was up to Shackleton to steer the crew back to following the objective, which he had done magnificently thorugh motivation and encouragement as a leader.

In that situation Shackleton held a speech to his group, in which he left no doubt that he himself, takes the full responsibility for the situation but would lead them out of the crisis if they would stick together and would trust him till the end.

Be honest when you are bringing someone on to your team. They need guidance and irection as the objective of the voyage had completely changed. Now his goal was to bring the team home safely, and he improvised, adapted and used every resource at hand to achieve it.

He kept the rewards clear as they moved along, even when the Endurance crashed. He relied on position power.

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In the end, he would make the decision, but everyone would be heard. Find more information about the other 2 thoeries The Path-goal theories also contribute to analyze the leadership style of Shackleton in a very definite way. She is a regular contributor to the Off the Shelf book review column in Sunday Business. Nancy F. The ship Endurance was broken by the ice on 27 October Shackleton implied the motivation theories very well as he was able to convince the sailors of the goal that he wanted to achieve, turning it into the goals of the group as a whole. Everyone knew Wild was in charge and Shackleton left him there with full confidence that Wild would succeed.

He did. In the following Shackleton reorganized his crew and reduced hierarchies.

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Shackleton's Leadership Style