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Also, there is a specific tax crime concerning the withholding of social security contributions deducted from workers and not forwarded to the competent authorities. It is not uncommon for Brazilian companies to have an extensive written contract with employees. Such works include literary, artistic and scientific works, as well as databases and software Law 9, of 19 February Interest paid to foreign corporate shareholders? Social contribution to other entities and funds. There is no strict liability in Brazilian criminal law. Strictly, there is no crime concerning campaign finance in Brazil. One exception concerns agreements covering specifically the distribution of motor vehicles, which are regulated by Law 6, of 28 November known as Ferrari Law. Temporary visa. Most of them can be committed for the benefit of a company, and in such cases, it may imply corporate criminal liability. Competition There are no strict rules for the initiation of investigations, except for those concerning jurisdiction.

Plant varieties Law 9, of 25 April Document Gathering: 7. Orders to seize or destroy infringing products.

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How are imports and exports taxed? The rate may be reduced by tax treaty provisions for example, in the tax treaty with Japan. Witnesses have the obligation to speak and tell the truth; otherwise, they can commit the crime of false testimony.

Applicable exclusively to goods imported through maritime transportation.

Brazil legal system business

Environmental crimes There is a wide range of crimes regarding the protection of flora, fauna, urban environment, and environmental management. Access to extraordinary jurisdiction is not automatic, and depends on the demonstration that the ruling of the court of appeals violated a federal law or diverges from the decision of another court of appeals on the same matter. The rate may be reduced by tax treaty provisions for example, in the tax treaty with Japan. This requirement does not apply to limited liability companies. A Brazilian corporation may be publicly held or closely held. The jury procedure shall be adopted only in cases of wilful crimes against human life. Abusing dominant position. How frequently do enforcement agencies rely on extraterritorial jurisdiction to prosecute business crimes? If eligible for copyright protection, protection lasts for 70 years from 1 January of the year following the author's death. Intellectual property IP royalties paid to foreign corporate shareholders? It is a crime of improper clearance to deceive, in whole or in part, the payment of duty or tax due on entry, exit or consumption of merchandise; to sell, hold or deposit or, in any way, use in the exercise of commercial or industrial activity, merchandise of foreign origin that has been smuggled into the country or imported fraudulently or that is known to be a product of clandestine introduction into the national territory or of fraudulent importation by another person; or even to acquire, receive or hide, in the exercise of commercial or industrial activity, merchandise of foreign origin, unaccompanied by legal documentation or accompanied by documents known to be false. For instance: Tax exemption and deduction applicable to sectors deemed strategic by the Government.

Enforcement and remedies.

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