Literature review drinking and driving

Vance The government believes that it will take a national effort to completely stop underage drinking. The authors begin by discussing the nature of distracted and fatigued driving, pointing out the relative difficulty of effectively countering these problem areas, because they are in large part societal issues dependent on lifestyle patterns and choices.

Drunk driving research paper thesis

Another survey asked drivers to assess the degree to which distraction relates to crash involvement. Pettitt, M. All different cultures had their own version of alcohol, and how they would make it. These data represented approximately 3 million miles of continuously collected vehicle kinematic and video data. This paper gives history background about underage drinking such as, did you know that before there was no such thinking as a drinking age in the United States. Nixon, the author from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and alcoholism. Singer, and R. In-vehicle tasks included pushing a button, adjusting airflow, changing temperatures, and pushing CD track buttons. After title and abstract screening, the articles were enrolled for data extraction and they were evaluated for risk of biases. This article reviewed four aspects of driving performance that have empirically been shown to be harmed by driver distraction. Trimble, D. Researchers concluded that crash likelihood was four times higher for participants that had used their phone within 10 min before the crash. Finally data regarding characteristics of included papers study design, participant, intervention, risk of biases and outcomes were recorded in a data collection form.

Crowne Conclusion The view society has on drinking and driving is very diverse. Ishigami and Klein attrib- uted this slowing effect to a compensatory behavior for main- taining performance for keeping the vehicle in the lane.

Looking at billboards, searching for addresses, and moving objects in automobiles were identified as having the highest relative risk.

Literature review drinking and driving

Study selection and data extraction We had two independent groups for article reviewing, so that each group reviewed about half of all papers in article screening in two levels title and abstract screening based on Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses PRISMA guideline for systematic reviews.

To counteract this trend, more than state bills were introduced inalong with an Executive Order signed by President Obama.

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Although simple tasks had no effect, moderate tasks such as talking and listening on a hand- held device increased crash risk by a factor of 1.

Participants com- pleted the driving tasks on a one-fifth-mile loop-shaped track.

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Literature Review