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Assisting Type Commanders in reviewing and appraising afloat performance of purchasing functions buying activity with PMR ; e. Responsible for planning and providing for current and future requirements of the Navy less assigned Marine Corps forces for manpower, material, facilities, and services; plans for and determines the research, and provides for development, test, and evaluation needs which are adequate and responsive to long range objectives, immediate requirements, fiscal limitation, and advancing technology; d. Issuing aviation supply outfitting directives; c. Blue All materials, not dangerous in themselves, which are asphyxiating in confined areas or which are generally handled in a dangerous physical state of pressure or temperature are contained in what color cylinder? The procedures contained in this publication are the minimum essential acceptable supply management procedures and are mandatory unless specifically stated as being optional. Together they constitute the Afloat Central Design Agency CDA responsible for designing, developing, integrating, implementing, and sustaining Fleet logistic, financial, and maintenance automated information systems. Performing supply management functions with respect to items of naval material which are assigned to the Naval Supply Systems Command for that purpose; f.

Controlling distribution of critical aviation materials; d. Unless otherwise specified, all references to Appendices found in this manual are referring to the Appendices in Volume II. The maintenance, alteration, supply, distribution, and disposal of material; d.

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Also reflects the configuration data resident in the WSF. Performing supply management functions with respect to items of naval material which are assigned to the Naval Supply Systems Command for that purpose; f.

What list itemizes and quantifies each ship's material requirements?

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When reference is made to ships or afloat units in this publication, it applies to all units designated to use this publication. Inventory control responsibility requires the application of managerial supervision to integrate the actions involved in computation of quantitative and monetary requirements, initiation of procurement and disposal action, the positioning and repositioning of material, and the development of world wide quantitative and monetary inventory data. Also reflects the configuration data resident in the WSF. He may also authorize the heads of activities under his command to redelegate their procurement authority, or a portion thereof, to responsible personnel within their respective activities whom they designate as contracting officers.. Load Lists What document identifier is used for ordering tech manuals? Items procured for one time basis for immediate use, Items procured locally, Printed forms, charts, manuals, books, Items procured with non appropriated funds Who assigns NSN's to commercial and military equipment tech manuals for Sea Bee's? Fixed allowance procedures Installation of new equipment. The cover sheet of each change must be read carefully because the instructions appearing thereon vary from change to change. It operates under the authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of Defense. Arranges for the movements of air cargo to submarine support sites. New, revised, or deleted instructions summarized on the cover sheet are identified on the pages comprising the change by arrows placed vertically or horizontally in the binding or outside margin to identify the area of revision, as follows: line or lines on which a revision occurs line on which the revision begins line on which the revision ends A down arrow placed on the last line of an organizational unit paragraph, subparagraph, or item , and an up arrow placed on the first line of the following unit indicates deletion of a unit.

The names, dates, and figures are unofficial and are intended only to add clarity and realism. The Naval Shipyards NSYs Norfolk, Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound are Navy owned, operated, and funded industrial installations stocking a selected range of material for the support of assigned industrial and maintenance requirements.

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The Assistant Secretary of the Navy Financial Management is also responsible for all matters related to management information systems and automatic data processing systems and equipment, except for ADPE integral to a weapons system.

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