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The scope and breadth of knowledge, confidence, and genuine skill displayed by PAs reinforces my commitment to my goal. Simply regurgitating the words of the mission statement doesn't make for a good reply.

If you can offer a good reason in your opening, you will be ahead of the game. Remember that weaving a narrative isn't needed and staying focused on the question at hand is key to answering any supplemental essay.

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Just as with the CASPA personal essay, elements of your application can show up in your supplemental essays, but the focus of your responses should be on what ties those factual pieces together: your motivations and goals. All I remember is wanting to play doctor while my friends played house. My love of infants and children strongly influenced my career choice because I want to have the ability to help sick children who do not have the ability to help themselves. As the population grows and chronic diseases spreads, The future projection of PA is growing faster than the average careers. It was like magic! You can share as much or as little as you like. Specifically, a physician assistant receives a broad, comprehensive medical education, and unlike an MD, has lateral mobility within the medical world. His treatment was successful, but I realized he harbored a deeper and far more dangerous condition: ignorance. Components of a Successful Physician Assistant Personal Statement This essay is exceptional for three main reasons, among others: 1. At this point in time my career goal is to become a physician assistant in orthopedic surgery. Now, it is a fact that we all will die when time comes but until that time, we have a choice to be healthy so that we can help the world by our unique abilities and follow our passion. Throughout my undergraduate career as well as the time since I graduated, I have continued to explore the medical field to learn as much as I can about becoming a PA. So, while the wording of the prompts may vary a bit, you can save time and effort by employing the same strategies to comparable questions. Given that the specifics of supplemental applications are decided at the program level, there could be, in theory, hundreds of different supplemental prompts. If your academic record calls for using this space, don't let this gift turn into a post-midnight Gremlin-style monster.

But, I'm confident that working through a trauma has given you incredible strength and skills that will be useful in the future.

He also made himself available to my entire family, recommended specialists and experimental treatments. It is about stating clearly and with humility what you offer the program.

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