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We estimate that surveys were sent.

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See Appendix A for a side-by-side comparison of the nutritional features of Powerade and Gatorade. Looking at the macroenvironment, concern over obesity has been rapidly rising in recent years, opening up a much larger market for weight-loss themed products. The enhanced water market is relatively new being referred to as a niche market. Powerade entered the market in And Gatorade seeing the danger of this new competitor soon opened more strategies like new products. Central America: In Mexico, price of Powerade is much lower than in North America, but is a little greater in comparison with Gatorade. Innovations and New Products The Gatorade commenced its battle by projecting its product in every place relationed with the product, as gyms, football fields, etc. With its variety of sports drinks, POWERade will be able to supply specific beverages to target consumers. Also, both are primarily sold in plastic bottles, but also offer a powder form. So powerade would like to gain consumers focus by reinvigorating the brand and generating buzz. The main opportunities for POWERade include the increasing awareness of healthy living in the United States, athletes looking for sports beverages targeted to their specific needs, new sports organizations, and rising professional athletes. POWERade has relied on advertising that touts its higher nutrient content over Gatorade, which our survey shows is ineffective. The one who took the initiative in this place, by entering the market after convincing various figures of sport to promote Powerade. By June , Powerade reached a

Originally it had to be reformulated because of its bad taste and because of ingredients problems. After Powerade got the dominium of some great and famous athletes both competitors began a marketing battle by promoting their products in sport places.

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Product life cycle The Product life cycle consist of four stages starting from introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage. As it is well known Coca-cola and Pepsi are main competitors in their market; well Powerade anda Gatorade are their sport products respectively. The final sample size was This result may seem surprising. Great hit to Gatorade, but it was owning the market yet. Various bottled water brands pose competition to powerade Option. This bottle had functional purposes as well as being a step toward differentiating the POWERade brand from its competitors. The male to female ratio of the market is

The typical enhanced water consumers are baby boomers who are getting older and looking for healthy products in an effort to stay young. So bottles are now featuring a bigger size with the name powerade appearing almost in fine print. Bottled water drinkers enjoy the light flavor of enhanced water whereas they report not liking the color or taste of traditional Gatorade sports products.

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The main issue is that we sent surveys to people we know, who are presumably similar to us. For the remaining parts of the marketing plan, we concentrate on the domestic market.

The final sample size was Clearly males are targeted over females in this market, but data show that females also purchase the product regularly.


Innovations and New Products The Gatorade commenced its battle by projecting its product in every place relationed with the product, as gyms, football fields, etc. Powerade entered the market in

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Powerade Marketing Plan