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Further evidence favoring three-option items in multiple-choice tests: European Journal of Psychological Assessment Vol 14 3 Cuff, N. Cross, L.

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A gradient theory of multiple-choice learning: Psychological Review Vol 60 1 Jan , Case, S. Which law of learning states that things most often repeated are best retained? The reliability of new-type or objective tests in a normal classroom situation: Journal of Applied Psychology Vol 24 3 Jun , Cognitive processes elicited by multiple-choice and constructed-response questions on an assessment of reading comprehension. Barnes, L. Balch, W. A discussion of item-writing techniques for instructional texts: Diagnostica Vol 30 1 , Barrett, R. Diagnostic assessment with ordered multiple-choice items: Educational Assessment Vol 11 1 ,

Cognitive processes elicited by multiple-choice and constructed-response questions on an assessment of reading comprehension. Bereby-Meyer, Y.

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Bradlow, E. Foos, P. The effects of test anxiety, intelligence, and test format on adult academic achievement: Dissertation Abstracts International.

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How is psychology defined today? Dolly, J. Cizek, G. The stress condition is a Advantageous to the performer b Detrimental to the performer c Neither d helpful in the development of strength.

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Use of an inclusive option and the optimal number of options for multiple-choice items: Educational and Psychological Measurement Vol 53 1 Spr , Effects of specific cueing on multiple-choice test performance: Psychological Reports Vol 44 3, Pt 2 Jun , The response defined as a result of training is called a Conditioned stimulus b unconditioned reflex c Conditioned reflex d conation. An investigation of the information provided by the distractors of multiple-choice test items: Dissertation Abstracts International. The effect of omissions on the reliability of multiple choice tests: Psychologia Africana Vol 15 1 Jul , Benson, J. An objective measure of ability to make topical outlines: Journal of Educational Psychology Vol 20 2 Feb , Do extended matching multiple-choice questions measure clinical reasoning? Couch, R. Eheim, W. Multiple-choice recognition as a function of the relative frequencies of correct and incorrect alternatives: Dissertation Abstracts International. The relative efficiency of two-stage testing versus traditional multiple choice testing using item response theory in licensure. Benefiting from multiple-choice exams: The positive impact of answer switching: Educational Psychology Vol 27 5 Oct ,

Worst wrong answer scoring as a means of identifying guessing on multiple-choice tests: Dissertation Abstracts International. An experimental comparison of the multiple true-false and multiple multiple-choice tests: Journal of Educational Psychology Vol 32 7 Oct A comparison of the information provided by essay, multiple-choice, and free-response writing tests: Applied Psychological Measurement Vol 12 2 Jun ,

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