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Figure 6. Kevlar in Aircraft 82 Engr. Fitzgerald, B.

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Molecular structure of Kevlar bold represents a monomer unit, dashed lines indicate hydrogen bonds. Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh Abstract Kev lar is high modulus para-aramid synthetic fiber. Figure 7. While working for DuPont in their Wilmington labs. She was successful in creating the first monomer that is used to manufacture polybenzamide. Angewandte [22] Carbon fiber bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. Both her supervisor and laboratory director understood the significance of her discovery and a new field of aramid polymer chemistry were born. Conclusions 1. The two scientists worked for the DuPont Company. Chemical Structure Figure 1. Their product offered a number of benefits that led to its commercial introduction in the early 's. In structural applications, Kevlar fibres can be bonded to one another or to other materials to form a composite. While it can have a great tensile strength, sometimes in excess of 4. A thermoset resin that can combine with the carbon fiber to make CFRP is epoxy.

Kevlar is most commonly used in safety applications such as bullet-proof vests for law enforcement agents, helmets for military infantries, and as protection from fire.

A unique "sticky" compared to non polar poly mers like polyethylene. As illustrated earlier in this paper, the procedure of making carbon fiber composites has many procedures and with each additional step comes the opportunity to make an error.

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Retrieved on This is due to the Para-orientation of the benzene rings. American Heritage Publishing. The two scientists worked for the DuPont Co mpany.

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Kevlar Aramid Fiber (Yang, H. H.)