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Is this an example of a simple random sample?

sampling techniques in research

With stratified sampling, the population is divided into groups, based on some characteristic. Convenience sampling Convenience sampling is perhaps the easiest method of sampling, because participants are selected based on availability and willingness to take part.

non probability sampling techniques

Gathering such a sample would be extremely time consuming and difficult to do disadvantage. There are several different sampling techniques available, and they can be subdivided into two groups: probability sampling and non-probability sampling.

Each of the N population members is assigned a unique number. Judgment sampling is a common nonprobability method. Solution The correct answer is D. For example, in a study of stroke outcomes, we may stratify the population by sex, to ensure equal representation of men and women.

Simple random sampling. For example, when carrying out a survey of risk behaviours amongst intravenous drug users, participants may be asked to nominate other users to be interviewed.

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Consequently, you cannot estimate the effect of sampling error and there is a significant risk of ending up with a non-representative sample which produces non-generalisable results.

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Sampling Methods