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After writing a book, click on the mailbox outside your house to mail them off for publication. You also can use an interaction called "Make a biographical interview". To jump past Novelist your sim will have to reach level eight on Writing and write five books.

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You can do this on a computer. You work only two days per week and six hours per day however you earn only Simoleons.

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Below is a list of tiers available to sims who become Writers. When you will become a Novelist 7 A you have to learn the 8th level of Writing and to write 5 books however you shouldn't sell them yet.

They like to muck about at times.

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You must also make them Write a Book. You need to keep being Inspired. The main benefit of this branch is the reward objects, which generate powerful inspired moodlets. Job Hours, Pay rates and Uniforms. To do so click on a computer and choose the "Write You still have to be Inspired in work. Vous y trouverez les toutes dernires You have to work 4 days per week 6 hours per day and you earn slightly better than in the A branch 6 Simoleons however becoming a Scribe takes a really, really lot of time so this income is pretty low. Simple enough. Or maybe just playing video games. However you can still use your Writing skill to write and sell new books. To reach the next level your sim must raise Writing to eight and Charisma to three, as well as Write five Articles. There is no option for " [9] " To be promoted you need to reach the 7th level of Writing what is basically an automatic process since you are spending a lot of time writing. There might be other ways Ive not discovered yet.

To do so your Sim has to meet with other Sims even if they are some random people met in front of your house. Click on a mailbox and choose the "Self-publish The income earned from book royalties will actually make most authors very wealthy.

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This will allow you to complete your daily task and learn at the same time. See what I did there? You can do that through your mailbox and you will have to use a book which you have written but you haven't published it yet. The Handiness skill is also useful for either branch as it makes dealing with those inevitable computer repairs easier. Simple enough. Source This thing? Or maybe just playing video games. The daily task of reading books might sound like a pain, but can actually be quite useful since reading Skill Books count towards this requirement. Your second quest is to send a book to the Literary Digest. The Article Writing interaction takes some getting used to. You will be promoted to a Fan Favorite 8 A. Click on your computer and choose if you want to write a positive or negative article about a specific Sim. To jump past Novelist your sim will have to reach level eight on Writing and write five books. Below is a list of tiers available to sims who become Writers. To reach the final tier of your Journalist career you must raise Writing to level ten and Charisma to level five.
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