Strategic policy and business planning branch

Strategic policy and business planning branch

We also aim to facilitate successful health system adaptation to changes in technology, society, industry and the environment, such that Canadians will continue to be protected from health risks, have access to quality health care, and gain positive health benefits from information and innovation. This chart illustrates the linkage between the Government of Canada Outcome "An innovative and knowledge-based economy" and Industry Canada's Strategic Outcome "Advancements in science and technology, knowledge, and innovation strengthen the Canadian economy". Establish a Digital Advisory Board The Act defines the legal nature of a municipality as including the community and clarifies the executive and legislative powers of municipalities. Units and Key priorities The Branch has five units, the key priorities of which are described below. This migration will: accelerate the closure of aging data centres enhance data security minimize the financial and business impact to departments To ease the demand for data centre capacity, departments will reduce the number of back office applications to be migrated. Government leaders should create a clear process for working with, for example, appropriators, authorizers, budgeting agencies, the office of the president or prime minister, citizens, and industry in order to secure the necessary resources and support for the strategic objectives. See Exhibit 2.

The involvement and commitment of frontline managers is critical to success in all three areas. You need ruthless prioritization. Through the creation and use of a governance framework policies, directives, guidelines and open standards for the GCIPTBS will: foster openness and collaboration advance enterprise interoperability and information sharing across the government Introduce a strategy for use of open source software and open standards planned actions The use of open source software supports interoperability and information sharing and should be considered in the assessment of IM - IT solutions.

Priorities: Government, policy and stakeholder advocacy to increase the awareness, utility and use of CDEs Tap into our extensive outreach network Provide value to our members that encourages membership growth Remain at the forefront of changes and opportunities relating to diabetes education and management Context behind the development of the Strategic Plan Background The current ADEA Strategic Plan will expire intherefore we have been going through a process to develop a new one commencing Promote a Strategic Culture Certainly, there are pockets of robust strategic planning in government, particularly within the defense sector: it is ingrained in the military profession.

To draw midlevel management into the strategic-planning process from the start, senior management must identify key staff throughout the organization who have responsibility for implementing policies and programs and bring them into the process through cross-functional teams.

Consequently, creating a strategy that can be adapted in the face of changing environments or new information is difficult.

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These amendments, required in order to administer the Fairness at the Pumps Act , will align Canada with international practices for fair and accurate trade measurement and strengthen consumer and business protection against loss from inaccurate measurement. Consequently, creating a strategy that can be adapted in the face of changing environments or new information is difficult. Office of Strategic and Business Planning The Office of Strategic and Business Planning is responsible for the coordination and preparation of the institutional strategic plan, planning processes, organizational performance improvement through alignment, integration at the institutional level, and alignment of mission planning with UT System. The failure to involve midlevel managers is particularly problematic because it can mean that the right issues are not elevated to the attention of senior leaders as they set strategy and that there is limited buy-in among the rank and file, weakening execution. Doing an effective job of executing and adjusting the strategy hinges on three elements: the right data, a system that values accountability and aligns incentives, and the ability to adapt where necessary. For example, responding effectively to the risks posed by infectious diseases such as the Zika and Ebola viruses required international collaboration within and across government agencies as well as the private sector. These institutional strategies and goals guide detailed action planning, goal setting and continuous improvement at the division and operating unit levels. TBS will work with key business owners for example, the Office of the Comptroller General and the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer to establish a government-wide MDM program to formally identify standard data elements and single authoritative sources for key information domains, where appropriate. Develop an application programming interface strategy actions underway APIs are used to reveal GC digital capabilities and can be combined and reused to create digital services. Ensure IT infrastructure sustainability

Exhibit 1 illustrates one highly effective approach to strategic planning: the W-shaped model. Priorities: Develop further evidence-based national standards that are relevant and maintain currency through regular evaluation Maintain our core business in accreditation and credentialling Promote appropriate implementation of our standards across Australia 2.

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In this respect, it participates on Canadian delegations to international fora and in trade and investment negotiations, and advises senior officials and the Minister of Industry on related policy issues. In addition, what success will look like for each strategic objective should be clear, with specific performance goals, indicators, and milestones identified for assessing progress.

Public cloud services will be the priority choice for departments when choosing a cloud deployment model.

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