The life discoveries and the impact of the scientific accomplishments of galileo galilei

He was able to persuade his father to allow him to leave the university to become a tutor in mathematics. The pope was in a vindictive mood, and the church provided some dubious evidence that proved that Galileo was guilty of heresy.

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Galileo Galilei is credited with discovering the first four moons of Jupiter. Galileo thought he had the smoking gun. He showed interest in mechanics, geometry, gravity and motion, but showed little interest in astronomy.

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In his life, accurate timekeeping was virtually nonexistent. Beginning inhe began his studies of the pendulum which led him to note that the swings of the pendulum always take the same amount of time, independent of the amplitude.

But the Catholic Church ruled in that the Copernican model was incompatible with biblical teaching, and issued an edict banning even the mention of the Copernican view. Galileo observed, however, that the steady motion of a pendulum could improve this. What influences did Galileo have on science today?

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Though ordered not to have any visitors nor have any of his works printed outside of Italy, he ignored both. In his life, accurate timekeeping was virtually nonexistent. And his penchant for thoughtful and inventive experimentation pushed the scientific method toward its modern form. He had troubles getting it published, and when it was finally published in , Galileo was completely blind. But Galileo wasn't convinced. In , it lifted the ban on most works supporting Copernican theory. During most of this time, Galileo was treated with respect and never imprisoned. Galileo continued his study of astronomy and became more and more convinced that all planets revolved around the Sun. He was not really interested in medicine and became attracted to mathematics. Galileo is the first known person who studied the skies in detail with a telescope. Later that same year, he became the first person to look at the Moon through a telescope and make his first astronomy discovery.

After Galileo began publishing papers about his astronomy discoveries and his belief in a heliocentricor Sun-centered, Universe, he was called to Rome to answer charges brought against him by the Inquisition the legal body of the Catholic Church. With his unprecedentedly powerful telescopes, Galileo was the first to observe the uneven, cratered surface of the moon; Jupiter's four largest satellites, dubbed the Galilean moons; dark spots on the surface of the sun, known as sunspots; and the phases of Venus.

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Galileo Galilei