Tpm total productive maintenance

When workers are in a safe environment, their attitude towards work changes dramatically with a resultant increase in important metrics such as productivity.

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Specialists in process engineering, quality assurance and maintenance people are required. Policy : Achieve and sustain availability of machines Optimum maintenance cost. Safety, Health, Environment Maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

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This committee should be led by a top-level executive. New equipment reaches planned performance levels much faster due to fewer startup issues.

Total productive maintenance ppt

The technical staff are then taught higher level skills such as preventive maintenance and analytical skills to help become more proactive to problem solving. By using such multidisciplinary teams, the availability of machines will improve greatly. Shine The workplace needs to be clean. Ensures equipment is well-cleaned and lubricated. Eliminates potential health and safety risks, resulting in a safer workplace. Office TPM addresses twelve major losses. It is important because it results in a clean, visually organized workplace that is self-maintaining. TPM puts machinery at the heart of the organization and does not just safeguard production continuously but improves it where possible.

It is therefore important that any solutions which are put in place should consider the well-being of the worker above all else. Supports production through improved administrative operations e. Reduces inventory through better control of wear-prone and failure-prone parts.

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TPM is a Process for Improving Equipment Effectiveness